Premium nordic softwood

AS Natural was established as a family company in the beginning of the 1990’s when it first was one of the leading sawmills in Estonia and the Baltic region. In the middle of the 1990’s it attracted Icelandic investors who were keen to invest in the company with an aim to develop the mill and to control the supply chain from forest to end customers. Today Natural still remains as an Estonian-Icelandic joint venture and one of the biggest suppliers to the Icelandic market. The company is also operating in most of the markets in Western Europe and also more and more in emerging Asia.

In 1999 Natural started investing to expand its activities. By today it has become a leading Estonian planing and impregnation mill with a total throughput of about 50 000m3 planed wood annually. Today Natural is specialized in adding value to Nordic softwood sawn timber (Nordic Spruce/ whitewood - Picea Abies, Nordic Pine/ redwood - Pinus Sylvestris). Our raw material comes from controlled sources and it is mainly inquired from the Baltic countries, Belarus and Russia. Natural AS is FSC certified. In order for us to be able to retain our premium quality we aim to control all the processes from kiln drying, sorting to planing, stress-grading and impregnation.